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(see also CHIRPS FAQ)


When prelim moves to v1.8, back process to the beginning of 2013.

Docs docs docs

reorganized ftp hierarchy to be more shallow and explicit



Data Location

points to


As of 2014.01.27 decided to do a complete rerun of CHIRPS to be called CHIRPS v1.8

Monthly 1.7 CHIRPS were last run in mid November 2013. These have the problem with flipping the order of the neighbors used to fill in master locations.

  • Ingest new station data,
  Brazil (junior)
  World Bank coffee countries: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
  New GTS? GSOD? 
  • Exclude bad Zambia data
  • Address problem Brent found with daily September data in the Horn.
  • Run some reality checks on the station data in the db.
  • Verify the code fix that was flipping the neighbor list is included in this run

Found something wrong with CHIRP data for June-August 2013. # of pixels with positive rainfall plummets. As much as 60% in S. Africa. Does not seem physically possible.


Once all stations finalized:

  • recalculate neighbor station statistics
  • recalcu;ate master locations
  • pre-compute SPI for all master locations (month/pentads)
  • go through CHIRPS MQB

Fixes, etc.

Zambia-Met pptx here,

Fixed a bunch of station locations in the stations table

Use the same landmask everywhere, avoid variations in the ocean/land boundary


CHIRP May-September 2013 glitch

   changed CHIRP calc script for a while, will redo entire CHIRP timeseries with current script