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This is a wiki for the Climate Hazards Group of the University of California, Santa Barbara's Geography Department. CHG works with NASA, NOAA, USGS, USAID and local decision makers in various countries to develop a better understanding of climate change. CHG studies the effects of climate hazards resulting from climate change and helps to develop methods to mitigate its effects.

Consult the various help pages for information on creating content for this wiki.

What is this wiki for?

The Climate Hazards Group wiki was created for several reasons:

  • Institutional Memory

This wiki can be used to record administrative information about computer systems, papers published, conferences attended and so on.

  • Product Information

CHG develops a variety of products and services to aid climate hazard mitigation efforts. Use this wiki to record changes to software and products, different applications and to collaborate with colleagues by centralizing information.

  • Member and Affiliate Information

This wiki can help keep you up to date on who has what expertise, keep track of your own projects, and introduce you to other climate scientists.