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chg-ewx is a CentOS 6.5 VM created to host the new EWX. Previously the VM was installed as a Windows Server 2008 R2 VM, but was switched to Unix due to security issues.

General Info

System Name:
Location: ubu
General Purpose: EWX development VM
Creation Date: December 14, 2014

System Configuration

  • OS Type: Unix
  • OS Version: CentOS 6.5
  • vCPUS: 6 allocated


  • MAC Address: 52:54:00:4F:36:A7 (generated)
    • ifcfg-eth0 shows MAC as C6:F6:A8:B1:8B:9F


  • Memory: 128GB allocated
  • Size: 100GB allocated


VM for hosting new EWX.

Restarting the EWX WebApp

In the event of a reboot, restart EWX via two files (as ewx)

/opt/tomcat/bin/ start #Verbose, can be halted - in the same directory also works
#use ewx's alias to take you to the correct geoengine directory
#Geoengine needs to be run a bit after


  • Domain changed from to as of November 23rd, 2015 (can also be reached via
  • System should be fully gNIS integrated.
  • Created symbolic link in /usr/local/bin to point from python2.7 to python to address a script not running. Marty altered the files /etc/init.d/tomcat, /opt/tomcat/bin/, and /opt/tomcat/bin/ Libby 16:24, 24 February 2015 (PST)
  • For some reason, the ntpd service was stopped or not set up to start at startup, so hwclock and date were not sync. Should be resolved now. Libby 12:14, 25 February 2015 (PST)
    • ntpd service somehow got turned off again and 'date' was an hour off Libby 12:28, 7 May 2015 (PDT)
[root@chg-ewx ~]# service ntpd status
ntpd dead but pid file exists

To restart the service:

[root@chg-ewx ~]# service ntpd restart
Shutting down ntpd:                                        [FAILED]
Starting ntpd:                                             [  OK  ]

It may say that shutting down failed (if pid is still floating around out there) but you can check to see if it's running and that the clock is back to syncing with the following:

[root@chg-ewx ~]# service ntpd status
ntpd (pid  15430) is running...
[root@chg-ewx ~]# hwclock
Thu 07 May 2015 01:20:06 PM PDT  -0.102682 seconds
[root@chg-ewx ~]# date
Thu May  7 13:20:17 PDT 2015

virsh dominfo

[root@ubu ~]# virsh dominfo chg-ewx
Id:             1
Name:           chg-ewx
UUID:           dbf3a784-a35b-1fab-7fb0-003ee0b1eb97
OS Type:        hvm
State:          running
CPU(s):         6
CPU time:       848159.1s
Max memory:     134217728 KiB
Used memory:    134217728 KiB
Persistent:     yes
Autostart:      enable
Managed save:   no
Security model: selinux
Security DOI:   0
Security label: system_u:system_r:svirt_t:s0:c452,c545 (enforcing)