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This is a page dedicated to information needed to prepare for guests, and also some general info that can be copied and pasted into guest welcome emails (please add additional information as it comes up).

Getting Temporary Wireless Accounts

The following is a template to email to to obtain temporary wireless accounts for visitors:

[Host of Guests] of the Geography Department's Climate Hazard's Group has asked me to request [amount] temporary campus wireless login(s) for the guests listed below from [Weekday, Month Day, Year to Weekday, Month Day, Year]. [Point of contact for wireless accounts] will act as the point of contact for the wireless accounts.

Please let me know if you need any further information!

Visitors' Name & Email: [Visitors full name], [Visitors email address] UCSB Sponsor: [Host to Guests], Dept Code 4060 Point of Contact: [Name], [email], [phone number] Start and End date :