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Hollywood used to be the home of CHG's ftp site and the old version of the CHG website. It is now defunct.

General Info

System Name: hollywood.geog.ucsb.edu
IP: N/A (used to be
Location: N/A (stripped for parts)
UCID #: (need info)
Grant #: ((need info)
Serial #: (need info)
General Purpose: Ftp and web server
Purchase Date: (need info)
Delivery Date: (need info)
Vendor: (need info)
Contract #: (need info)
Support Expires: (need info)

System Configuration

  • OS Type: Unix
  • OS Version:
  • CPU info: (need info)
  • Chassis Specs: one 1000W PSU, tower chassis


  • NIC speed: Gigabit
  • MAC Address - eth0: 00:E0:81:2D:3B:B4
  • MAC Address - eth1: 00:E0:81:2D:3B:B5


  • Memory: (need info)
  • HD: (need info)


FTP server, web host