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Rebus is the CHG backup server.

General Info

System Name:
IP: (need info) (ERI subnet)
IPMI IP: (need info) (ERI subnet)
Location: Bren 4026(Bren Server Room)
UCID #: 108000408
Grant #: (need info)
Serial #: AH1000438
General Purpose: Backup Server
Purchase Date: (need info)
Delivery Date: (need info)
Vendor: (need info)
Contract #: (need info)
Support Expires: (need info)

System Configuration

  • OS Type: CentOS
  • OS Version: CentOS 6.7
  • CPU info: 8xIntel Xeon 2.06GHz
  • Chassis Specs: 8xdrive bays, (4U), (more info needed)


  • NIC speed: Gigabit
  • MAC Address - eth0: 00:25:90:1d:04:e0
  • MAC Address - eth1: (need info)


  • Memory: 12GB (DDR3?)
  • HD: 16TB, RAID6


CHG backup server.


  • Rebus was moved from Bren 4026 to the ERI sixth floor server room on June 21st, 2016. Will soon be moved to North Hall Data Center.
  • Network bridge configured and enabled.
  • /eri mount hung when restarting network (06/22/2016).
  • ERI replaced two 2TB drives that had failed on rebus with spares they had on hand (August 2017).


System Name: IP: Notes:
chg-dev Development box for chg website.