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Spherekit is a software package developed in 1997 by Cort Willmott, Robert Raskin, Chris Funk, and Scott Webber for the NCGIA. The software, written in C by Chris Funk, was designed to be a user friendly spherically-based interpolation and mapping tool.

Installation Location

Spherekit is currently installed on roi.

Running Spherekit

  1. Running Spherekit in C shell may not actually be required, but it seems optimal
[pete@roi ~]$ /usr/bin/csh
[pete@roi ~]$ mkdir /home/pete/SK
[pete@roi ~]$ vi /home/pete/.cshrc
    set path  = ($path /opt/Spherekit)
    setenv SK_WORK_DIR /home/pete/SK

Unforunately, sometimes even if you set the path correctly, you still need to be in the Spherekit directory for Spherekit to run.

[pete@roi ~]$ cd /opt/Spherekit
[pete@roi Spherekit]$ tcsh sk