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If you are off campus and need to access campus resources, such as CHG servers, you will need to use the VPN to obtain a campus IP in order to have access to those resources. Effective March 6th, 2017, UCSB switched to a new VPN service (Pulse Secure Connect) and the Tunnelblick and OpenVPN clients are now deprecated.

Getting Started

  • The Campus VPN software can be obtain here.
  • Choose the appropriate VPN software from the list based on your operating system.
  • You will need to enter your UCSB NetID username and password in order to download the software.
  • Once downloaded, install per the instructions provided for your OS by ETS.


  • Per ETS: "(Former OpenVPN/Tunnelblick users - you may uninstall/delete the OpenVPN/Tunnelblick software from your computer, but it is not required for successful installation of the Pulse Secure client. The software can co-exist "peacefully" - although you will not be able to connect to the campus OpenVPN server after March 6, 2017.)"