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The following should be a list of every CHG VM. VMs are standard configuration CentOS systems unless otherwise indicated.

If you know of a VM that is not listed here, or you see one listed in the Category list but not the Summary list, please add it!'

Quick Summary of Each VM

  • chg-cscd - Large data VM on rain
  • chg-dev - Libby's test VM - backed up but can be blown away and recreated in a pinch
  • chg-dub - web VM
  • chg-ewx - houses the EWX web application
  • chg-ewxtest - a clone of chg-ewx for testing purposes - backup would be convenient but not crucial, will be up intermittently.
  • chg-ftpin - experimental, not really in use ftp VM for outside users to plunk data
  • chg-git - GitLab Ubuntu VM, ERI has a sysadm user
  • chg-smb - Samba VM
  • chg-test - Libby's testing server, various OS's, not often up, often destroyed and recreated, no need to back up
  • fez (hostname is actually chg-fez) - Not often used Fedora VM, currently occasionally used by Ederer
  • helmet - Shrad's Fedora sandbox VM.

ERI VM Backups


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