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CHG2 is the CHG Windows server. It NO LONGER serves as the CHG web server via IIS 7 (all web services have been uninstalled). It also no longer hosts EWX (which is now hosted on chg-ewx).

General Info

System Name:
Location: Bren 4026(Bren Server Room)
UCID #: (need info)
Grant #: ((need info)
Serial #: (need info)
General Purpose: EWX and web server
Purchase Date: (need info)
Delivery Date: (need info)
Vendor: (need info)
Contract #: (need info)
Support Expires: (need info)

System Configuration

  • OS Type: Windows
  • OS Version: Windows Server 2008 R2
  • CPU info: 8xIntel Xeon E5506@2.13GHz
  • Chassis Specs: 2xdrive bays, 1U, CD/DVD drive (more info needed)


  • NIC speed: Gigabit
  • MAC Address - eth0: 00:25:90:00:D2:68
  • MAC Address - eth1: 00:25:90:00:D2:69


  • Memory: 12GB (DDR3?)
  • HD: Two 2TB drives, RAID1*


  • Hosts ArcMap, CS5, and other Windows-only programs for CHG users.


  • Both of CHG2's original hard drives have been replaced (Seagate drives replaced with Western Digital Black)
  • Complete OS refresh completed in early January, 2016.
  • Remote Desktop set to accept NLA connections only and security policy set to always digitally sign per NOC recommendations made on February 25th, 2016.
  • Installed version of ArcGIS (10.1) does not work well with CSV files - convert to older version Excel files (xls).