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Host Template

To create a new host page, copy and paste the template below into the page you want to create and fill in the necessary information.

<em>(Brief narrative description of host here)</em>
==General Info==
{| class="wikitable"
! System Name: 
|align="right"|(system name)
! IP: 
|align="right"|(e.g. 128.111.x.x)
! Location: 
|align="right"|(where is the system located)
! UCID #: 
|align="right"|(UCID tag number, if applicable)
! Grant #: 
|align="right"|(granted number system was purchased under) 
! Serial #: 
|align="right"|(serial number)
! General Purpose: 
|align="right"|(the general purpose of the system)
! Purchase Date: 
|align="right"|(date system was purchased)
! Delivery Date: 
|align="right"|(date system was received)
! Vendor: 
! Contract #: 
|align="right"|(contract number with vendor, if applicable)
! Support Expires: 
|align="right"|(date support expires, if applicable)

==System Configuration==
*OS Type:
*OS Version:
*CPU Info: #CPUs x #cores per CPU @ Speed (eg: AMD x86_64 / 2 x 8 core @ 1.8Ghz)
*Chassis Specs: #U # of Power Supplies, Rack# and U's in Rack

*NIC speed: <em>Gigabit</em>
*MAC Address - eth0:
*MAC Address - eth1:
*MAC Address - IPMI:

*Memory: #Gb
*HD: ##Tb

Description of what purpose the system serves, such as disk Server, FTP Server, WWW, apache, tomcat, mysql, etc.


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